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Dedicated Server

Clusters World provides the best in-class, versatile & scalable Devoted Hosts to clients looking for un-restricted, secure & separate entry to manage your internet facilities.

Unlike normal hosting plans, which put many customers’ records on 1 host, a separate host is set aside only for the consideration & using 1 client. This means that the dedicated host client has unique privileges to their server’s information, memory, & storage space, & efficiency is not affected by visitors & the utilization styles of other client’s.

When you purchase a separate host, you are actually renting a host box that is designed & set up according to your choices, but continues to be at our data center. A dedicated host consideration provides you with a separate IP address & full control of host utilization & software set up, with administration (root) entry to the host.

Dedicated servers are particularly useful for companies & individuals who run very-high-traffic websites or programs & who need the information, adaptability, & constant efficiency of a separate box.